Executive Director of Guns Down America, Igor Volsky, wants gun makers punished for marketing and selling guns to women and minorities. Apparently, if gun grabbers can’t frame all gun owners as crazy, evil, racist, redneck, white dudes with inappropriate relationships with their sheep that’s problematic for their agenda.

Whoda thunk it?


How DARE women and minorities want to arm themselves! THE NERVE.

Or, and hear us out, Igor, they realize sex and skin color have zero to do with who does and doesn’t want to own a firearm.


Oooh, scary word.

Raise your hand if you rolled your eyes so far back in your head reading this just now that you may have done actual damage to yourself like this editor did.

This is a bad take, Igor. BAD take.


It’s also pretty damn sexist.

That. ^

Yeah, Mr. White Man.

The nerve of those evil gun makers!



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