It’s really good to have James Woods back in our feed. We get needing a break and getting sick and tired of the Twitter TOS bias BS (say THAT five times fast) but man, his being gone really was a disservice. Especially to Twitchy editors who are always looking for some great slam from the guy who starred in one of the scariest movies EVER, ‘Videodrome.’




Anyway, James used AOC as a reminder that stupid people get to vote for stupid people:

He’s right, you know.

Otherwise, Obama Bro Tommy Vietor wouldn’t have tried to pick a fight with Mr. Woods. You guys remember Tommy, right? Obama let him drive a van! YAY!

Not sure we’d pick a fight with James Woods over AOC. Nooooope.

And c’mon man, get that weak-a*s shiznit outta here.

We’re thinking Ben Rhodes came up with the lie about keeping your doctor but anything is possible.


That was good.

And Nancy Pelosi.

And Kamala Harris.

And Adam Schiff.

And Jerry Nadler.

We could go on and on.

And hence why Democrats want to dismantle it.

True dat.



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