The next time some Bernie Bro or socialist wannabe starts babbling at you about how Medicare For All is good stuff because it’s like DENMARK send them to this article or directly to AG’s thread.

It’s sort of like when they claim Sweden is a socialist country.


So much for Denmark, Bernie Bros.

And please, no one ever accused any of Bernie’s supporters of knowing much about anything.

But Bernie said only the uber rich will get stuck with the bill!

It just gets worse and worse.

Did we mention this gets worse and worse? Because holy crap.

So basically Bernie’s plan is nothing like Denmark’s plan.

Color us SHOCKED.

There’s a reason people come to America from all over the world for their healthcare.

If Bernie was honest he wouldn’t be winning primaries though …

Because of course, it’s Jill Filipovic.


So basically every Bernie supporter.

You’re welcome.



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