Full transparency, this editor loves following Paul Sperry because it’s like he has his finger on the pulse of every shady and obnoxious stunt being pulled in DC. Like this tweet on the connection between Asst. US Attorney, Molly Gaston, and Obama himself.

So the attorney who signed the letter to McCabe’s lawyer informing him she was closing the criminal case against him is a Democrat who has given thousands to Dems including Obama. Oh, and her mother worked for the Washington Post.

But you know, there was nothing biased or shady there.


This seriously pissed off Eric Holder:

Calm down, Eric. Sheesh.

Anyone else laughing their asses off over Holder accusing others of using the justice system for political reasons?! HELLO. Wingman.

Eric seems tense.

Uh huh.

Watch out for those rocks, Eric.

He sounds nervous.

They all do.



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