Sounds like the judge in Roger Stone’s case, Amy Berman Jackson, might have a teensy tiny bias?

The Great One aka Mark Levin wrote a mini thread about the judge and why she’s incapable of providing Roger Stone with impartial justice. First off she was appointed by Obama … never a good thing.

This seems like common sense, yes?

From Fox News:

During an oral presentation Thursday in court before the sentence was announced, Stone attorney Seth Ginsberg downplayed the charges, saying there was no real planning or preparation involved in the obstruction conviction against Stone that would justify an aggravating enhancement of the sentencing guidelines.

Jackson, though, also referenced how Stone had violated court orders not to talk about the case, accusing him of “intimidating behavior” including a social media post that included a picture of her with what looked like gun crosshairs over her head. Stone blamed staff for the Instagram post, but the judge sharply rebuked him.

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” Jackson said, adding that it “was designed to disrupt” the proceedings.

Could it be she already had her mind made up?


*adjusts tinfoil hat*

A bit.




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