Been a while since we’ve seen Sally Kohn cross our timeline but apparently she couldn’t resist cheering on Elizabeth Warren’s dumpster fire of a performance last night at the Democratic Debate. We get the whole, ‘girl power’ thing but honestly, we thought Warren came off as desperate, unhinged, bitter, and angry.

And hardly presidential.

If she lost her cool that much just debating people in her own party, imagine the meltdown if she had to debate Trump.

Ugh. Here we go again with ‘her truth’ crap. Reminder, this didn’t work for Hillary.

Make. It. Stop.

Imagine thinking Warren won.

Then again, Sally is the same person who said she thought if Trump lost in 2016 his supporters would be violent while if Hillary lost her supporters would be peaceful so it’s not like she has a great track record here.

We told you, painful.

Yes, pick on the gay guy, Sally. That’s such a good look for a Warren supporter.


Still so painful.

Guys, we’re getting the feeling Sally doesn’t like Bloomberg.


She can’t take on Trump.

Remind us to check Sally’s timeline if and when the nominee isn’t Liz.



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