In a time when millennials clearly can’t do math, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shouldn’t be an elected official.

Yet here we are.


Leave it to a socialist like AOC to say certain groups of people shouldn’t exist.

The notion that it’s somehow easy to be a billionaire is so stupid. We get it, socialists need to poopoo on the idea of capitalism building people up from nothing but give us a break. And PLEASE, being wealthy doesn’t automatically make someone an evil villain taking advantage of the poor.

Again, they need to vilify these people so when they try and rob them (which is what socialism does) and people will believe they DESERVE IT.

Because you know, if you make more than $40k a year you’re not really ‘working’.


Bootstraps are mean and stuff!

That. ^

Ding ding ding. Remember when Bernie and other socialists just complained about millionaires? Now that he IS one they don’t seem to do that anymore.


Heh. We see what they did here.

Seriously, all we can do is laugh at this point.


But then who would we make fun of?



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