Last night’s Democratic Debate was like a WWE wrestling event minus decent wrestlers. Seriously, if Warren could have grabbed a folding chair and slammed it over Bloomberg’s head she probably would have. Man, she was absolutely unhinged, which tells you she knows she’s just about done.

James Woods summed ALL of this up in one perfectly hilarious meme:


Bloomberg is on the ground, Warren has a stick (ax, WTF is that?), Bernie is sort of helping beat on the poor guy and the rest of them are just standing around watching.

*chef’s kiss*

We felt the same way. C’mon guys, he’s dead already.

Looks a little bit like Bernie, if the old man was yelling and waving his arms in the air.

Honestly, this editor had to finally turn it off … it was just too cringe. Plus, Trump’s rally was on.



Dude wasn’t even THERE and he won. Can you see any of them actually holding their own against Trump? He’ll eat them alive.

Solidarity with Mike!

Have we mentioned how glad we are that James Woods is back?