Jennifer Rubin seemed to be cheering a Democratic candidate who didn’t actually exist during Wednesday nights’ octagon fight to the death aka Democratic Debate. Holy crap, you guys, that was nuts. We knew they’d start throwing one another under the bus eventually but man oh man, Warren was just a hot mess of unhinged.

Bloomberg took the brunt of it so you’d think Jenn would be giving HIM the credit but nope … this ‘Bloombefg’ fellow won her heart.

Wonder if he’s a super-short billionaire as well?

Yeah yeah, typos happen to the best of us but she’s so insufferable.

Plus Trump himself noticed so this totally went viral.

Wacko ‘conservative’ of the Washington Post.

Sums her up.

It was far more entertaining than it should have been.

There ya’ go, Jenn.

It was a bloodbath.


Annnd we’re officially dead.

Vote Bloombefg, Democrats!



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