Katie Hill resigned from Congress after nude pictures of her and a campaign aide were ‘leaked’ online. And of course, since she’ a woman and a Democrat the media has been working overtime trying to make her the victim in all of this, even though she took advantage of a staff member.

Imagine if Katie were a man … the Democrat piece might get her some bonus points but we’re pretty sure George Stephanopoulos wouldn’t brag about ‘him’ fighting back.

Fighting who or what back?

See what we mean? She’s the victim.

The underdog.

The fighter.

It’s pathetic, we know.


HUNDREDS of other photos and texts.

Holy crap.

And yes, George, we’re so shocked to see a bisexual woman in 2020. They’re so rare and stuff.

WTF is bi-phobia?

There’s that too.

But she’s a WOMAN! And a BISEXUAL!

That makes her special or something.



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