As Twitchy reported on President’s Day, Sen. Chris Murphy held a secret meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif that he was less than willing to talk about.

Until today.

Take a gander at his claims about their meeting:

He attached HIS account …

Where’s the transcript, Chris?

Uh-huh. If that’s all they talked about why make it a secret meeting? All of these things seem like talking points and issues Americans would support him discussing …

He continued.

Congress sets foreign policy? Do they? And again, why do it in secret, Chris?

Nice attempt at deflecting from his own BS and blaming Trump somehow. Unfortunately this tweet and in fact the entire thread didn’t fly with most of Twitter.

The secret part is what bugs this editor the most. If the meeting was really so innocent, why do it in secret?


Yeah, if it was no big deal show us the transcripts.

Like Trump did.

Sounds like it.


The meeting isn’t what bugs people necessarily, it’s that he kept is SECRET.




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