TFW Sean Hannity calls Brian Stelter ‘Humpty’ on his open timeline and challenges him to watch his show …

C’mon, like Brian wouldn’t be tuned in anyway, the guy lives to watch Fox News and complain about it later on Twitter.

Which might be why Hannity actually tweeted this:

Now, the smart thing for ol’ Bri to do would be to ignore Sean, but nobody ever accused Tater of being the brightest crayon in the box. And he couldn’t help but waggle his little Hall Monitor finger at Sean, which is ultimately what Sean probably wanted in the first place.

Nothing builds an audience like Twitter drama:

Brian is so defensive. Sheesh.

Oh, and not only did he tweet this but then he pinned it to his timeline. If you’re smart and don’t waste your time on Twitter, ‘pinning’ a tweet means no matter what you write, that tweet will be at the top. That’s how much Brian wants people to see his Hannity ‘clapback.’

Think he snapped his fingers when he wrote it?

Umm …


NOW, Dan didn’t write this in response to Brian’s tweet but it just fits so perfectly. Definitely an assist.

This editor could have gone her entire life not seeing this animated gif.

And yet, here we are.

Live footage even.

The world may never know.



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