There may be hope for VA yet!

HB961 aka the ‘assault weapons ban and magazine confiscation bill’ has failed to move forward.

But wait, it gets so so so so SO much better.

The look on Mark Levine’s face, the Democrat who has been pushing this crap bill, is EPIC.


This editor, who happens to be a Virginian and a legal gun owner, couldn’t LOVE this video anymore.

Truly the best thing on social media TODAY.

We will keep the look on Levine’s face in our minds as we push forward fighting back against gun confiscation and other ridiculous legislation Democrats try and push that tramples our rights here in Virginia and across the country.

The look of DEFEAT.

America wins. Suck on that, pal.

Make. This. Happen.

That could work too.

Let’s hope this is only the beginning of sanity returning to the Commonwealth.



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