Mike Bloomberg released an ad attacking Bernie supporters, aka Bernie Bros, which seems sort of a strange way to take down Bernie but eh … Democrat. Really, if you watch the ad all they did was screenshot a bunch of troll tweets (that go by so quickly you can’t read them), and then show Bernie saying they need to engage civilly.

Making Bernie look reasonable?

You decide, watch.

We like how they blurred out the names but since we cover a lot of these people we still recognize them. Heh.

Donna Brazile seems SUPER excited over the ad:

Oh, Donna.

Considering what she did with Hillary the last time Bernie ran for the nomination?

Not a good look … at all.

And to be fair, they tried to pull this with some of Trump’s supporters as well … how’d that work out for them?

This doesn’t seem to be working out so well for Bloomberg, or Donna for that matter.


Ok, you know that one hurt.



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