Our principled, ‘superior’ friends in Never Trump have scheduled a ‘Summit On Principled Conservatism’ in DC conveniently on the last day of CPAC. Suppose they figure if folks are in the area any way they might drop in for some good scolding and lecturing about how they’re not conservative enough if they don’t support Bernie Sanders or Mike Bloomberg for president this year.

Or something.

LOLWUT indeed.

A total list of conservative who’s who.


Ben Donmenench just tore them UP:

You guys know Ralph ‘blackface’ Northam, right? The guy trampling all over the rights of Virginians right now? And Bill Kristol raised money for him … talk about principled conservatism.


But fair.


Welp, these same people will vote for Bernie over Trump so this makes sense in a really super sad way.

Please clap.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

And Frum too? Poor guy, he had a rough Sunday.

Get your tickets now!



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