Debbie Wasserman Schultz (yeah, she’s still around) well and truly jumped the shark in her speech pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment … claiming women were deliberately left out of the Constitution.


And we thought Rashida Tlaib’s speech was stupid.

So wrong, Debbie. SO very, very wrong.

So much boom.

From the Daily Signal:

Perhaps one of the clearest results of the ERA would be that it would almost be impossible to exclude women from the draft.

At 18 years old, women would have to sign up for Selective Service just like men. Though the reinstatement of the draft in the near future is unlikely, in any case in which the draft was deemed necessary, women would be included due to the ERA.

Given the legal push to open up all combat roles to women, this could have potentially profound societal and individual consequences.

Hey, that would make women truly equal, right?

Equal is EQUAL, not special.

They just don’t get it though.

This. ^

But under the ERA these things would be super illegal.

Don’t be too hard on Democrats, they’ve wasted so much time trying to get rid of Trump (and failed) they’ve got very little to actually run on this year.

Ain’t it great?

Magic indeed.



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