Notice Neera Tanden basically subtweeting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez here, sort of like a mean girl talking smack behind another mean girl’s back. And claiming anyone owes Elizabeth Warren an apology over Medicare For All? HA!

Oooh, Neera.

Did she really think AOC wouldn’t see her tweet?



Neera, maybe take a seat.

She got caught.

Look at her grovel.

This interaction is exactly what is happening within the Democratic Party. The old guard (aka Neera) thinks they can use socialist democrats like AOC to push the candidates and policies THEY want, but clearly, from AOC’s clap back, that ain’t happenin’ in 2020.

And knowing Democrats did this to themselves is what keeps this editor warm at night.

Nice backpedal.

Then maybe she should’ve said that?

AOC’s supporters were none too happy with Neera:

She mad now.


We’ve said it once and we’ll probably say it a bunch more during this primary … FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!



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