Is it just this editor’s imagination or does it seem like there is a little panic going on with Democrats and the Left in general about the 2020 election? And not just because they’re worried (they know) they can’t beat Trump, but also because Bernie Sanders definitely has momentum no matter how much the DNC tries to stop him.

Or his Bernie Bros.

Apparently, Chuck Todd read from a piece from The Bulwark calling Bernie supporters ‘brownshirts’ and now they want him fired.


He’s reading.

From Raw Story:

MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd was blasted for likening the supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to Nazi brownshirts — despite the fact Sanders is the first Jewish candidate to put together a viable campaign for president and lost family members in the Holocaust.

While complaining about having his views challenged by supporters of Sanders, Todd uncritically cited a column by Jonathan Last that appeared at the conservative media outlet The Bulwark.

“No other candidate has anything like this sort of digital brownshirt brigade,” Last wrote. “I mean, except for Donald Trump.”

Gotta love that Cancel Culture, eh Chuck?

We’re not sure what’s funnier here, that the same people who have been calling Trump supporters Nazis are mad they’re getting called names OR that media outlets are calling The Bulwark a ‘conservative media outlet.’

But it’s different when people call them horrible slurs.



Not seeing a whole lot of sympathy for Bernie Bros … or Chuck Todd for that matter.



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