Gosh, city folk are getting fussy with politicians caring about country folk. Apparently, since people in lower populated areas actually have representation in the House and in the Senate that’s not fair to people in NYC.

Or something.

Don’t look at us man, we just work here.

Well, maybe if large swaths of the US predominately in cities were actually more moral, worthy, deserving, hardworking, and American we would treat them that way.

AOC saw this as an opportunity to dunk on Pete Buttigieg and the Electoral College:

It’s not about overriding the popular vote, Sandy.


And no, the Senate is not designed to overrepresent smaller, less populated areas.

She’s an elected official, guys. Wow.

Someone should put together the basics of the Constitution in crayon so maybe she’ll finally figure it out.

Sheesh, this is just ridiculous.

Ain’t THAT the truth?



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