Donald Trump should seriously consider sending Nancy Pelosi a thank you card and maybe even some cookies or chocolates for all of the help she’s given his campaign over the past few months.

And all for free.

From the House Dems’ botched impeachment effort to ripping up the SOTU speech in front of the entire country, she has been a train wreck of epic proportions for the Democrat Party.

Her tweet about Trump’s budget isn’t doing her any favors either:


Stop it.

Nobody believes this crap except for the yahoos who will vote for Democrats no matter what. This isn’t convincing Independents or Moderates.

It’s like she knows she messed up.

But if the government cuts spending that means Trump hates America’s hard-working families and stuff!

Nancy will never live that down.

Never, ever.

Biden would be proud.


Tough week last week.

Let’s hope that trend continues for our friends on the Left.



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