Since Adam Schiff had his backside handed to him BADLY in front of the entire WORLD trying to impeach Trump for beating Hillary in 2016, he’s been very busy tweeting out sanctimonious garbage trying to distract from the fool he made of himself.

Like this tweet about how he was just doing his constitutional duty.

Didn’t Adam just spend months telling voters they weren’t smart enough to hold the president accountable and that’s why they were trying so hard to get him impeached?

James Woods came down on Schiff for Brains:

Political spirochete.

Know what that is?

Welp, this editor did not and upon doing a Bing search (FU, Google) it appears that a spirochete is the bacterium that causes syphillis.


Man, we are so glad Mr. Woods is back.

Man, let’s hope so.


And apparently similar to bacterium that causes an STD.




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