You guys remember Wajahat Ali, right? He’s the guy who went on Don Lemon’s show and made fun of how stupid Trump supporters are with Rick Wilson. Yeah, he was the only one nobody seemed to care about after the fact so you might not remember him …

Anyway, seems he’s very impressed with Jane Fonda flying to DC every week to protest climate change and get arrested.

And he thinks Trump supporters are stupid? K.

And just how does Jane get to DC every week? LOL

Not to mention, what would happen to normal, everyday people who got arrested over and over and over again?

The Left loves the elite.

Talk about serious white privilege.

Oh no, he tried to, ‘Bless your heart,’ Steeze.

Guess Steeze remembers who Wajahat is.

When you make an ass of yourself to that degree it’s never really over.


Maybe a broom.

Hey now. It’s super hard being uber-wealthy and flying every week to get arrested.




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