After watching Adam Schiff act even more deranged than usual on the Senate floor this afternoon, Brian Cates wrote a fairly biting thread about what Schiff and other Democrats are trying to accomplish at this point.

It’s not so much about impeachment (was it ever?), but more about the massive a*s-kicking they’re about to take in November of this year.

Brian said it far better:

We suppose if we were watching our election dreams and aspirations fall apart before our very eyes we’d be a little bit bonkers too.

Democrats often rely on fear to persuade people to vote for them and their agenda.

  • The world will end in 12 years.
  • If Trump wins he won’t leave office.
  • Net neutrality will literally KILL US ALL.

Everything they stand for, everything they push, is about scaring Americans into doing as they’re told.

Yup. They’re already claiming he’s cheating so when they lose again they can blame Russia.


Because that’s worked out so well for them up until now.

It’s all about the talking points.

And we think it always has been.



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