Adam Schiff was really spinning hard on the Sunday morning circuit, trying to convince Americans he and other House Democrats had not totally screwed the pooch by bringing the weakest impeachment case in history to the Senate.

What Schiff doesn’t seem to understand is just because he says something that doesn’t make it true.

For example, he claims they proved their case and that Republican Senators said, ‘Trump is guilty as charged.’


Except, of course, this is not true.

He knows, though that the Face the Nation audience will totally buy what he’s selling.

Because … that’s why!

But wait, it gets better.

They proved Trump is trying to cheat in 2020 and that’s why they can’t let Americans decide? WTF? Imagine trying to convince Americans they shouldn’t get to decide who their president is … Democrats. *eye roll*

That’s fair.

This went well, Adam.

Keep it up.



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