Oliver Darcy went full CAPS LOCK because some nameless reporter told Brian Stelter that Pompeo was a big ol’ meanie head to him (her?) and accused him or her of hating Trump and toeing the Democratic Party line.

Guess the truth hurts.


If this editor rolled her eyes any further back in her head she would be able to see Russia from her house.

Brit Hume had one simple question for Darcy and his gossipy little tweet:


We’re guessing that ‘one reporter’ is like every anonymous source close to the president who ‘reporters’ like Darcy love referencing for their ‘orange man bad’ narrative. One day we hope every unnamed source, anonymous source, source close to the president, and confidant comes forward and lets us know who they really were.


Two ding dongs may well be the best collective name for Stelter and Darcy … ever.


They’ve all but created this environment yet continue to blame Trump for it.

Pretty sure Brit knows that, which is why he’s digging at Darcy.

Good times.

Of course.

It’s their bread and butter.



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