There are a few accounts on Twitter that you should absolutely follow if you want actual news about the Impeachment Trial and any other political events or happenings, and Byron York is one of them. He is, in this editor’s humble opinion, one of the best to follow in general.

For example, his take on the Senate calling witnesses during the impeachment trial … or not:

From the Washington Examiner:

Another GOP senator, Josh Hawley, told Fox News’s Special Report, “If we call witnesses, I think the House has made it very clear, we’re going to have to call Hunter Biden and probably Joe Biden.”

“Hunter Biden is not only relevant, he is now critical,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said. “That was a very odd strategic decision from the House managers.”

And Democrats do NOT want them calling Hunter.

None of that means Republicans would love to call Hunter Biden or his father. They’d rather there be no witnesses at all. As all the Biden talk was happening, another GOP senator said, “At the end of this, we will move to summary judgment. I don’t think we will have witnesses.” But Thursday’s developments do mean there is increasing Republican consensus on the Biden option.

This could real interesting real fast …

Why WOULDN’T they want to talk to the whistleblower? If for no other reason than to watch Schiff’s eyes bug out of his beady little head more than usual.

And then came the ‘disagreement’ from a few trolls:

Since he asked so nicely.

Because House Democrats haven’t been able to prove a damn thing?

Just spitballin’.

Most of them just want to vote and get it over with … like most Americans.

Notice they don’t just attack Trump, they always attack his supporters as well.

That’s important as we move forward with this impeachment debacle.

It’s their insurance plan.

And c’mon, we know how much Democrats love their insurance plans. Ahem.

Sure, but …

Not this time.

Senate Republicans hold all the cards, folks.

Sorry, not sorry.



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