The only good thing to come out of Adam Schiff’s closing statement last night was that it eventually ended. We can only listen to ‘Democracy this, Constitution that, Trump bad this, believe us we’re totally not lying or trying to win a campaign that’ before even the most politically dedicated has to switch it off.

We will give the guy credit though, he one again talked a LOT without saying much of anything.


‘He obstructed us.’

That’s adorable. Notice Schiff leaves out the part where DEMOCRATS GAVE UP and didn’t bother to pursue anything through the courts.

‘He’s obstructing you.’

Oh brother.

This ridiculous, sanctimonious blather included a bit where ol’ Schiff for Brains repeatedly said, ‘Right matters,’ which inevitably inspired a tag on Twitter.

And as these things usually do for the Left, the tag has backfired.

It’s funny (and not funny ha-ha) being lectured by Democrats on a tag called #RightMatters. Especially when anyone with a brain in their head knows nothing about this impeachment sham has been ‘right’ from the get-go.

Remember when Adam fell for a prank because he was trying to get naked pictures of Trump? Good times.

What a truly sad day when Democrats aren’t called out for abusing and exploiting a fundamental system for their own political gain.

Weakest, most partisan impeachment in HISTORY.

Watching a bunch of Leftists ‘tweet-chant’ his silly little #RightMatters talking point should scare the crap out of all of us.

And that will be the ultimate backfire of all.



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