Chuck, this has to sting a little.

Maybe a lot.

Kimberley Strassel’s commentary about Chuck Schumer ‘whiffing’ impeachment is biting and spot-on as usual.

From the Wall Street Journal:

In fairness, Mr. Schumer was handed the weakest impeachment case in U.S. history. He began this exercise facing 53 Republican senators who spent months watching the most liberal House Democrats use secret hearings, leaked transcripts and strong-arm tactics to produce two vague and legally dubious articles of impeachment. The highly partisan nature of the House process also put Republicans under pressure from their base to move on.

We love it … ‘In fairness, Chuck was handed a crap case to begin with’.

Thanks for that, Nancy.

Mr. Schumer nonetheless had an opportunity to do what Democrats keep pretending to do: Take the proceedings seriously. Had he reached out to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to work on an agreement—had he privately spoken of the need for the Senate to come together and publicly refrained from partisan jabs—he’d have had an audience. Republican senators—in particular those up for re-election or retiring—don’t want to be accused of bias. As of last weekend, enough GOP senators to matter were still on the fence about Democratic demands for more witnesses.


Not so much anymore. Mr. Schumer managed to annoy them, in particular with his first-day stunt of keeping the chamber in session until nearly 2 a.m., forcing vote after vote on witness motions that he knew would fail. Mr. McConnell’s organizing resolution already provided for these votes later in the process, making the Schumer motionathon nothing more than an inconvenient stunt.

Schumer went full Democrat.

You never go full Democrat.

Right? Did you guys see that?! Forget old man yells at clouds, the new thing is old man yells at empty chair.

The American people are onto their game.

And that ain’t good for the Democrats who need this impeachment for their campaigns.




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