We have started to lose count of the number of shady things that look to have transpired during the Obama years. For being a ‘completely scandal-free administration,’ it sure looks like there were a lot of scandals taking place. This segment Laura Ingraham put together on the whistleblower, the Obama administration, and the Bidens’ Burisma connection is … wow.



She’s got a good point about the impeachment drama coming down to one person … the whistleblower (Laura’s dig at not naming the whistleblower is hilarious). All along, Schiff and other Democrats have tried very hard to protect this WB.

Things that make you go hrmmm.

Could it be all of this Ukraine impeachment nonsense is an excuse and coverup for what was really going on? They’re trying to impeach Trump because he’s getting too close to the truth?

Why impeach Trump for trying to get to the bottom of what was happening with Biden? Especially since he isn’t even the Democrat nominee at this point so accusing the president of trying to get dirt on his ‘opponent’ is, well, stupid.

Then again, this whole thing is stupid so what do we know.

So who named Joe Biden the point man on Ukraine?

We have a guess …

That. ^

They never thought she’d lose.



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