As you may have guessed, our favorite parody (and yours) Sean Spicier has been having a heyday with the Left about the Impeachment Trial as well as the Virginia Rally. It’s been nearly four years now that we’ve been covering the account and as we’ve said before, we keep thinking they will figure out he’s not the real deal …

But then again, we’re not looking at the sharpest tools in the shed here so perhaps we should just be thankful they’re too dense to figure it out.

Especially when his timeline provides the ability to point and laugh this much.

It’s like they have three digs they stick to when trying to trash ‘Spicer’: the bushes, DWTS, and the crowd size.

You’d think by now they’d come up with something better to try and dunk on him with but nope.

See what we mean?

We saw Repugnant Republicans open for Angry Beavers back in ’99.

When they can’t even spell the plural of a word correctly …

It’s a little clunky … yup.

Anti-gun people are OBSESSED with penises.

It’s … creepy.


Is there anything funnier than someone telling a parody THEY have the most ignorant tweet of the day?

You know they’re mad when they start repeating themselves.

Bigotville … is that what they’re calling NYC these days?

Like Northam?


Remember what we said about their digs?

Yes, tell us how it works.

‘Nick’ really thought he had ‘Sean.’

Another DWTS dig.


Which is right outside of Bigotville.

Yeah, you irrelevant parody!


We weren’t kidding.

Nope, we got nothin’.

We should form a drinking game around DWTS dunks on the Spicier account.



And we’re done here.



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