Jerry Nadler has been bragging about how he should be the one leading the impeachment against Trump since the day AFTER he was elected. If you remember, Mollie Hemingway was on a train with our favorite, angry, garden-gnome whose pants don’t fit, and everyone could hear him talking bout how HE should be the one to do it.

And yet he’s not.

Brit Hume was good enough to remind ol’ Jerry why that is (with an assist from Byron York):

Sad, sad Jerry.

It must be tough when a guy who has been caught lying a number of times beats him out for the gig he’s been claiming should be his for four years now.

Four years.

That’s gotta sting.

Their strategy is to pretend they’ve got all of this evidence (that for whatever reason didn’t materialize when the ball was in their court) and now Republicans in the Senate are so scared of the truth that they’re denying said evidence. And their vapid base is eating it up.

Meanwhile, anyone who has been paying attention to this clown-show knows they’re full of crap.

The Laurel and Hardy of politics, and not in a good way.

Dude, it ain’t pretty.

Schiff’s self-important babbling truly is unwatchable.

They were CHOSEN.

That’s what makes this so hilarious.



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