How many times have we heard some pandering politician claim, ‘History will not be kind to so-so.’ You’d think by now they’d figure out history is just that, history, and we’ve heard that silly, melodramatic talking point so many times it really doesn’t have any impact anymore, but nope.

Justin Amash, who has conveniently hopped on the Independent fence so he doesn’t really have to have much of an opinion on anything, tweeted this:

Oh Justin, how the mighty have fallen.


He used to be one of this editor’s favorites and now he’s just like Adam Schiff without the bug eyes.

Matt Gaetz responded:

And that makes sense. When people look back on this impeachment they’ll read about the articles and be as confused as those of us in the here and now. This is all the Democrats got?

Justin replied:

But he’s not charged with that, Justin.

No amount of fancy Hamilton references changes that. Democrats weren’t able to prove anything real, so they charged him with the Obstruction of Congress (WTF?) and Abuse of Power … another WTF.

Give us a break.

Seems we’re not the only ones who have lost their respect for the former Conservative superstar.

Sad how many people Trump broke.

Editor’s Note: Justin Amash’s office reached out to this editor to say he did not vote present on sending the articles so we have made a correction. Thanks!