While we’re all busy watching Democrats try and make their case that Trump somehow should be removed from office for Obstruction of Congress (ha ha ha ha) and Abuse of Power, there is still a good deal of investigating going on behind the scenes, specifically from Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley.

Matt Wolking broke down what has transpired with Grassley, the Department of Defense, and Stefan Halper.

Sounds like we need to learn more about Stefan Halper.

And what the Hell, where is the media?

OH, that’s right, worshiping at the altar of Adam Schiff.

We’re seeing a pattern with these agencies.

Which would mean we paid for this crap.

Infuriating, right?

Unknown third parties?

Clinton Campaign?

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Ya’ think?


But you know, they need to impeach Trump over a phone call or something.

Have we mentioned lately how stupid everything is?

Oh, there’s the media.

Or not.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.



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