From watching the media fall all over themselves this morning trying to worship at the altar of Adam Schiff (yikes and gross), you’d think the House Democrat managers were just KILLING IT at the Impeachment Trial. In reality, most Americans are over this entire impeachment sham (hoax, circus, clown show, s**t-show, etc) and have even started to tune it out.

This is not good for Democrats who are relying on this nonsense to campaign because as we all know they wasted the last four years trying to overturn an election and didn’t get anything done.

Not the best campaign strategy.

Mark nailed it.

People are simply exhausted of the entire thing, especially when it’s obvious the articles contain no crimes and this is just an opportunity for Democrats to make big speeches about how orange man is bad for their base. And then when Trump is acquitted they’ll claim it was because the fix was in, never acknowledging they had nothing real to charge him with in the first place.

Most Americans have figured it out.

Sorry, Democrats.

Nah, there will still be those dozen or so tried and true resisters shaking their fists and calling Schiff the greatest elected official since Lincoln.

We’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box.


Yup, it’s just one long, annoying, boring AF campaign ad.

Or a new writer, something.




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