Who’s the new dude hosting Brian Stelter’s show, Reliable Sources?

Oh, wait.

Our bad.

Wow, that’s some impressive artwork.

Yes, yes we are crass.

But that was funny.

Brian Stelter wasn’t quite as amused as we were by the tweet.

Friendly bunch.

Perhaps if someone consistently lied to Brian and then told him how stupid he was for not believing their lies he might understand why folks tend not to be overly friendly to him. Hey, we know, Brian can do a special report on this tweet and then find some way to tie it into Fox News and Trump … his two favorite topics.

And c’mon, Brian had to know his snapping at Will would only make things worse.

Seems Brian is sensitive about the pic.

That whole, ‘Reliable Sources’ thing is pretty damn funny.

It’ll be okay, Brian.

Hang in there.



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