Seems Iowans are the big problem people are facing in New York City.

Whoda thunk it?

Stinkin’ Iowans and their evil Iowan ways!


“Go back to Iowa, you go back to Ohio. New York City belongs to the people that were here and made New York City what it is,” Adams told the crowd gathered at the House of Justice on Monday.

The comments set off a social media firestorm, even as the line was welcome with cheers and applause by the primarily black audience gathered at the House of Justice.

“I’m a New Yorker. I protected this city. I have a right to put my voice in how this city should run,” Adams said.

Shortly after the event, Adams took to Twitter to double down, criticizing “new arrivals” for not making an effort to be a part of well-established communities.

Here he is doubling down:

Yeah, Iowans! You big meanie heads!

Oh, and Ohioans too!

Leave those poor New Yorkers alone, freakin’ bullies and stuff.


Why would Iowans or Ohioans bring back gunshots for alarm clocks? Anyone else confused or is his tweet really just that stupid? IowaHawk, clearly an Iowan, had thoughts:

Right?! After all of this time, New York City has figured out what their big problem is … Iowans.

Ol’ Hobo Dave.

That works.

Yup, but just for Iowans.

ESPECIALLY around the state of Iowa.




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