David Hogg so badly wanted the Virginia Rally to be something dark, horrible, dangerous, and sadly, maybe even deadly because 22k peaceful gun owners standing shoulder-to-shoulder fighting for their Second Amendment rights doesn’t exactly feed into his narrative and agenda.

The very narrative and agenda that has become his bread and butter.

Imagine exploiting the death of a black teen to try and make some ridiculous point about a group of gun owners decked out in hunting gear because it was freakin’ cold in Virginia during the rally.

Enforcement of white supremacy.

Dafuq is he even talking about?

Folks, this editor was there, she saw people of all colors, creeds, abilities, sexes, persuasions … gun owners aren’t just one color, no matter how much this skinny white boy tries to make it so. Hotep Jesus called David out, big time:

And boom.


Nailed it.

What have you …

Nothing says white supremacy like using black death to grow your own audience.


Sounds like Hotep is onto David.

Fair point.

We think this is a close tie with AOC, but yes, very close.

Note, Hotep doesn’t appear to lean either Left or Right, which makes his tweet even more interesting and impactful. David should maybe listen.



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