Welp, dear reader, today the mister and I decided to wander down to the big, scary #VirginiaRally even though every Leftist outlet you can think of was telling us we were ALL GONNA DIE! They’ve been a tad bit more melodramatic than usual about this particular rally, probably because Governor Ralph ‘Showed Everyone How To Apply Blackface on National TV’ Northam declared a State of Emergency around the event. Add in a giant fence around the State Capitol and armed guards out the wazoo (there were SO MANY of them), and you’ve got what could have been a very bad situation on your hands.

Oh, and then Antifa was threatening to show up and cause trouble with rumors galore about them wearing MAGA hats and framing gun owners as evil, bad, scary people. I can tell you none of that happened while we were there this morning. Sure, Alex Jones showed up with like four Proud Boys but otherwise, it was just thousands and thousands of Virginians defending our Second Amendment. Granted, we left right before lunch and morons could have shown up after we left, but the rally itself was peaceful.

And freaking AWESOME.

There were people of all races, sexes, creeds, ability … thousands of people in some cases standing so closely together you couldn’t even get down some streets. And yes, there were many, many, many firearms at the rally, but I will tell you honestly, I have rarely felt safer than I did this morning. Looking through the crowd was absolutely overwhelming, in a good way. It’s easy to forget that people are real with real ideas and feelings when most of what you do is on a computer. These were REAL Americans standing up for REAL rights.

As a writer (blogger?) I was very humbled.

Oh yeah, the women! Surely you’ve seen every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the Left claiming this was a very MANLY event for MANLY men with MANLY guns … but there were plenty of women there as well. And most of them were carrying signs about how gun rights are women’s rights.

Guess there is more to women than our vaginas. Who knew?

Look at all those scary gun people! THE HORROR. No wonder Northam declared a State of Emergency. That toddler looks a little suspect, doncha think? For all the spinning, complaining, fearmongering, and outright propagandizing Northam, Virginia Democrats, the Left, and the media did over this rally, it really was just a rally. It’s like they don’t know who gun owners are, or they do and they think their base is too stupid to know better. What you find out when you spend time around actual gun owners is that they’re just ordinary people who would be the first to step forward and defend the people around them. This morning I met so many wonderful people, smiling at one another, politely moving through the crowd, lots of ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you.’

There was one exceptionally dirty hippie with no coat wandering around with a sign that said, ‘Gun laws save lives you killers,’ but honestly, I didn’t see a whole lot of counter-protesters.

Or scary shooters or bad guys …

Nope, this is what I saw.

Proud Virginians standing in the cold, defending their rights.

I guess you could say I got a whole lot more than just a lousy t-shirt.

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