Dems should be ashamed of this sham of an impeachment. Seriously.

Granted, that would mean they have any shame in the first place but still.

What a joke they’ve made of themselves and of this entire process.

Byron York addressed their impeachment brief and the … wait for it … keep waiting … the ‘Russia-based leaks argument’ being made.

Did you roll your eyes as much as we did?

From the Washington Examiner:

The problem is, the theory does not hold that Russia “did not interfere” in the 2016 election. There is a mountain of evidence that Russia interfered, and that has been the conclusion of every investigation into the matter, beginning with the first congressional probe, by the House Intelligence Committee under then-chairman Devin Nunes. The theory is that in addition to Russian interference, some people in Ukraine, including some government officials, also tried to influence the U.S. election. It was not a government-run effort, and it was on a far smaller scale than the Russian project, but it happened.

But let’s not pretend Democrats really care about evidence or facts.

If anyone knows how to take things out of context, it’s Democrats.

And the media, of course.

Oh YEAH. Seems people have ‘forgotten’ this tidbit.

That. ^


If only we could impeach the New York Times.

It’s nothing but a deception.

The whole damn thing.



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