Seth Abramson calling the letter Trump’s lawyers sent ‘attacking’ the House ‘kindergarten-level lawyering’ may well be one of the most ironic things this editor has ever seen. Especially since he went on to present his own kindergarten-level type of lawyering …

Nothing Seth says here is right, no matter how much he desperately wants it to be. If House Dems could have proven Bribery and Obstruction of Justice THAT is what they would have charged him with.

But they couldn’t.

So they didn’t.


He continued.

Imagine thinking the media isn’t spinning and pushing those jokes House Democrats put forward as articles of impeachment enough.

Yeah, his tweets are numbered but don’t worry, there aren’t hundreds and hundreds here.

What the Hell are Constitutional crimes? And if they really exist why TF didn’t they impeach Obama about a million bazillion times?

Articles against Clinton were Perjury and Obstruction of JUSTICE.

Not Congress.

Holy crap, right?


Sums it up nicely.



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