When the Women’s March first came on the scene in January of 2017 it was, as Joe Biden once said, a big f’in deal. Sure, it was stupid and meaningless in the long run BUT the coverage was huge and so were the crowds. Over the past few years the ‘march’ has gotten smaller as the Left found other things to rage about but yesterday there were still some tried and true ‘girl power hear them roar’ types who attended.

Who did not want to talk reality or facts with Ashley StClair.

Because women literally have the same rights as men and vice versa.

And admitting the wage gap myth is based on choices women actually MAKE takes away from their ‘orange man bad, patriarchy bad’ narrative.

Quiet you!

Double quiet you!

But women aren’t equal in America or something! ELEVENTY!

Victimhood sells, man.

Sounds like a much better time indeed.




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