Stephen Gutowski broke down what is going on with Governor Northam’s ‘Capitol Gun Ban’ and why the VA SCOTUS left the temporary ban in place.

From the Free Beacon:

The Virginia Supreme Court on Friday evening declined to hear a challenge to Democratic governor Ralph Northam’s temporary ban of gun-carry during a pro-gun-rights rally on Monday, leaving the ban in effect.

The high court refused a request by gun-rights groups to overturn a lower court ruling upholding the governor’s emergency order. Northam had banned guns on the Capitol grounds from Friday night through Tuesday, meaning those planning to gather for Monday’s rally will not, unlike previous years, be allowed to carry firearms. The restriction may impact how many people attend the event and divert those who prefer not to be disarmed to other areas around Richmond.

Organizers of the gun-rights rally, which is in opposition to a package of gun-control bills being considered by the Democrat-controlled legislature, are asking attendees not to flout the ban on Monday.

Because that’s what Northam wants. He wants to pretend the people fighting for their rights (and yours) are unhinged and dangerous thus proving the bans are a necessity. This editor has seen some shady stuff in her day but what Northam and Virginia Democrats are trying to pull here is abhorrent.

Gutowski continued:

Don’t give Northam any more ‘ammunition’.

They didn’t say the ban made sense, they said there isn’t enough information from the lower court’s decision to determine if it should be overturned. Interesting how Northam and the media is leaving that little nugget out.

This ^

The three arrests included some illegal immigrant Nazi-wannabe from Canada and two faceless men … actual gun rights advocates know the last thing that should happen at a gun rights rally is violence. Only fringe movement morons would try that.

Northam really seems to want another Charlottesville. Sorry, not sorry.

And again, planned by morons.

Oddly enough, all we’ve seen from Antifa at this point is that they oppose gun control … seriously, not even making that up.

But that won’t stop gun-grabbers from trying to pretend otherwise.

Look at this crap.

The whole reaction and response from Northam has been profoundly dishonest, we shouldn’t be surprised that gun-grabbers are as well.

He seems to think so.

He is wrong.




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