It’s like the Left hasn’t been paying attention for the past several YEARS. They’re just now figuring out Elizabeth Warren is a liar and a fake? How could they have missed her DNA debacle after spending decades lying about her heritage as a Native American to milk the system and take advantage of programs meant to benefit an actual minority group?

People, they don’t call her Fauxcahontas for nothin’.

Seems ‘smearing’ Bernie Sanders and lying about him making sexist comments is what it took to finally get their attention … took ’em long enough.

Not fast enough. She’s spent years telling lies about her heritage and even her family history and most recently she even claimed ‘people’ told her a woman couldn’t win a Senate seat for her state … in 2012.

They supported her other lies, the ones that exploited minorities and women, but lying about the old socialist was a bridge too far.


Not Peter Daou!

Donating to a liar and then acting surprised when she lies.

Gotta love the modern-day Left.



They’ve known. They’ve just been ok with the lies for the ‘greater good’, or whatever that means.

This is fun though, right?




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