If you haven’t noticed, the traditional media and the Left haven’t exactly been doing much to support the Iranian people as they protest their evil, overreaching, government, and in some cases, we’ve seen them completely write the protests off entirely.

Like Nancy Pelosi when she was on ‘This Week.’

Kaveh Shahrooz was good enough to put a thread together explaining a bit about what we’re seeing on the Left and how they are working to support the Iranian Lobby aka the ‘regime’.

This is fascinating in a terrible way.

We saw ‘Useful Idiot Friends on the Regressive Left’ open for Weezer in ’99.

And wow.

Don’t believe their war propaganda.

Iran literally shot the passenger plane out of the sky …

It could have been anything that made that plane ‘crash’.



Oh, it gets worse.

When you see it in several screenshots it’s almost unbelievable.

‘All they have now is ‘verified’ video from the U.S.’ … you know, the country they tried to blame for making them shoot the plane out of the sky.

Travel ban.


Hey look, it’s Ben Rhodes.

Twitter is theater for the absurd.

Ain’t that the truth.

In other words, rinse repeat.



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