If you were looking for more proof of just how awful the Obama administration’s Iran Nuclear Deal really was, look no further than this video AG shared from Ambassador Ron Dermer. Note, no wonder Ben Rhodes is losing his mind about Trump doing away with this … all of this coming out now makes his boss look even worse.


We knew the deal was bad but we didn’t know how bad …

Israel opposed it. Shocker, since Obama was such a good ally to them … oh wait.

The thing that really stands out is not only the fact Iran could simply walk back into the nuclear club but they could legally advance their program during the deal. So, what exactly did Obama think we were getting out of this deal? How did this in any way help America and her allies?

Sanction relief fueled the war machine. So, when Trump said Iran shot that passenger plane out of the sky with missiles Obama paid for … he may be right.

They were more concerned with the ‘win’ than they were with what the deal actually did.

And now that Trump has exposed what a rotten deal it really was they’re spinning.



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