People get angry on the road.

This is just a fact of living in a busy country with lots and lot of cars and being in traffic can make the sanest person a little nutty.

But it’s rare we see something like this and it’s been recorded.

Watch (note, this has got some serious language in it so if you are in a public place you might want to put your earbuds/headphones on):

Granted, this woman could be in on the joke and this could be a faked incident (social media is sadly built on plenty of fake videos) but admit it, when she yells at the guy in front of her about his ‘Christian bumper sticker’ and wishes cancer on his kids you envisioned every frothy-mouthed angry Lefty you’ve argued with on Twitter or Facebook.

Psychosis is putting it nicely.

Yeah, that’s this editor’s tweet and we traditionally do not include them BUT the responses are just too funny:

Definitely possible.

Fair question.

We’re going to go with the 254 #ImpeachTheMF socialist.

Cousin maybe?

Have you seen the Left lately?



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