This was embarrassing for the Left on so many levels. From Vanity Fair special correspondent Gabriel Sherman thinking Frank Luntz’s story about Trump was true to Nick Bilton not only sharing it on Twitter but putting sirens around it like it was REALLY important … HOOboy.

You know they were sipping their soy-chai-matcha-lattes or whatever with their little pinkies in the air giggling about how stupid the president is while patting themselves on the backs for being super smart and stuff. Thankfully, Frank was more than happy to set the record straight and make them all look like the silly, gossipping, harpies they really are.


Nick wasn’t happy with Frank (Nick is clearly the one with no sense of humor):


How dare people tell jokes?!?


And as these things often do, this spread like wildfire as other ‘serious minds’ on the Left took the ‘joke’ and ran with it because OMG, look how stupid Trump is.


We know, you’re shocked Molly fell for it.


She’s implying Frank is backtracking on his story BUT if she bothered to look at his timeline she’d realize how silly she looks doubling down …

And of course, they ran with this. We could start a rumor that Trump doesn’t know his Left from his Right and by noon today, the Left would have it trending. They are obsessed with hating him, which is really sad when you think about it because really their hatred just ends up giving him more attention.

Like when the media helped elect him in 2016.

They learned nothing.

So mad.

We are too.

Trying to save face … failing to save face.


So desperate to dunk on Trump they end up dunking on themselves.





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