You know when even famed Never Trumper and ‘the smartest guy in the room’ Tom Nichols writes a thread about how stupid it is for the Left and the media to blame Trump for Iranians shooting the plane down that it’s a really stupid narrative.

No way he would ‘defend’ Trump unless what he is seeing from his fellow anti-Trumpers is just that bad.

And considering the idea that Trump somehow forced Iranians to shoot down a plane is one of the dumbest things we’ve see on Twitter, we actually agree with Tom.

A little.

Talk like grownups.

Have fun with that, guys.

Is he defending Trump?


He’ll say he is not but … whoa.

Ok, this about Gotti was pretty damn funny.

Aforementioned terrorist scumbag.

So much this.

How is Tom the only one in the anti-Trump movement to ‘get’ this?

Awww, there’s the Tom we know.


The ‘expert’ has spoken.



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