You ever get the feeling we are watching the Democrat Party implode right before our eyes? Losing in 2016 was only the beginning … since then we’ve watched them push a fake Russian collusion hoax which ended in a humiliating and embarrassing Mueller report, plus continuously screeching to impeach the guy several times before finally following through with articles of impeachment that include zero actual crimes.

Their impeachment was passed along party lines.

And will be thrown out in the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi sure seemed desperate to pretend otherwise on ‘This Week’ in her absolute train wreck of an interview.


Huh? She’s the one who’s been sitting on her precious articles.

This is painful.

And it just got worse.

Did she just basically call McConnell a Russian asset?


But wait, there’s more – and HERE’S where it gets REALLY bad:

What a horrible, horrible woman.

The Iranian people are in the streets demanding accountability from their government and many are praising America and Trump’s actions in removing their terroristic general who killed his own people. They are risking their very lives to get that message out to the world and Nancy has the gall to blow it off because it would mean giving Trump credit.

No wonder some Iranians have taken to Twitter and formed a hashtag calling her out:

Of course, Lefties are claiming this is only trending because … wait for it … RUSSIAN BOTS.

You’d think after this didn’t work for them over several years they’d figure out this talking point is just stupid.

And honestly, we’re seeing some very consistent anger from several Iranian accounts on this trend so yeah, we don’t buy the Russian bot excuse.

It’s pretty brutal.

Told ya’.

Nice interview, Nancy.

Trump says thanks.



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