This thread from Yashar Ali on the Iranian protests says it all … seriously, this is great stuff.

Take a look:

They were lied to by their own government.

And the traditional media in our country helped them lie.

Makes our protesters in pink vagina hats throwing glitter and screaming about their president literally being Hitler seem really silly, right?

Trump isn’t the problem? But we’ve been informed by the Left, traditional media, and most of Hollywood that Trump is in fact to blame.

For everything.


This. ^

Take a moment and read Yashar’s other thread … you’ll see very quickly why he wrote THIS one too.

Gosh, why would Liberals deliberately ignore the Iranian protests? Hrm.

What happened is their narrative blaming Trump doesn’t jive if a bunch of Iranian protesters is chanting good things about America and bad things about Soleimani and their own government. The same people who want to believe it was Trump’s fault that Iran shot down a passenger plane would have to backtrack and apologize if they acknowledged the Iranian people want THEIR GOVERNMENT held accountable.

Not Trump.

But you bet your sweet a*s if they were blaming Trump these ‘active and prominent’ liberal Twitter accounts would be all over these protests.

Iranians being used by certain people on the Left as a tool to attack Trump.

Nailed it.

It was not … that narrative ain’t gonna tell itself, Yashar.




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